Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ritty Rats, Vito and Carmella

Vito and Carmella are two new members of our family! Mom found a litter of kittens at City Hall in the spring and they had been abandoned. They were scared to death of people and now they won't leave you alone! They are two of the sweetest cats and start purring when you look their way! Leroy and Lorretta are sure of what to think about the Ritty Rats that have come to live with us, but they love to chase them up the trees!

Of course Mike named them and they are named after two characters his favorite movie, The Godfather (Parts I, II and III). Vito Corlenoe is the head of the Corlenoe crime family (loving referred to as the Godfather) and Carmella is his wife. Leave it to my husband to name our cats after a mafia movie.


P.S. Don't worry Granny, they are outside cats!


Anonymous said...

2 beauties!! I love cats. Vito and Carmella are lucky to have such great parents. Leroy and Loretta will soon grow tired of them and you will be one happy family in no time. Have a great, safe and happy fourth of July.

Anonymous said...

We had a great time visiting last week! We love you!