Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We had our the last of our concrete poured last week and here are a few updated pictures:

We are still adjusting living here but we LOVE it! We still have to have a few lights on at night to find our way around, but I bet we will know it like the back of our hand before long! Last week Mike got up during the night and he woke me up saying that he was lost and could not find his way back to the bed in the dark! After I stopped laughing I got up and cut the light on.

Leroy and Loretta are very happy here. They are getting much better about coming when called and love not having to be leashed!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pictures, Finally!

We are officially moved in! Boy, do we have a lot of stuff! How in the world did we accumulate all of it?

Here is a recap of the past week:

Granny and Poppie came up last Thursday to clean before we moved in. They did an awesome job and we really appreciate it!

Mom also came up on Thursday to help us clean and move. We could not have done it without her! Mom and I picked up an awesome little cleaner called The Shark. It is the larger one that they sell at Lowes. It is FABULOUS!! It will clean anything!

Dad and Tyler came on Saturday to help move and also do a few finishing touches.

Monday night we got to try out the transfer switch and it worked like a charm! There was a very bad storm that knocked our power out and it was very nice to be able to hook the generator up and pull the switch! We were able to run everything except for the larger appliances like the dryer, ovens and HVAC. There were several homes here in town that had very large trees fall on them. We only had leaves and small limbs down so we were very fortunate!

What a long crazy week it has been! We are very grateful for all the help our family has given us and also very thankful that we have a beautiful place to call home!

Here are a few pictures that I took last night. We are still working on putting everything away.

Monday, June 15, 2009


WE HAVE MOVED IN!!!!! I will have a bunch of pictures to post when I get back to work on Wednesday!