Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

The Ritty Rats love to climb trees! Leroy and Loretta are also liking their new "siblings" a lot more than they did a couple of weeks ago!

Mike got to fire up his new grill and he made yummy chicken and a steak!

Our newest favorite pasttime is watching the two hummingbirds that visit or feeders.

On Monday we had the rest of our tile work completed. Our kitchen backsplash is beautiful!! It really changed the look of our kitchen! We are going to change out the plugs, switches and covers so they blend in better together.


Anonymous said...

love the posts. The ritty rats are cute. Mike you are missed.
Erin your kitchen backsplashes are beautiful. have a safe and blessed week,

Matt and CK said...

love the backsplash!