Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We got a fabulous surprise yesterday when Dad called to let us know that Mr. Lewis was putting in our cabinets in !! I could not get to Hartselle fast enough! Sorry for all the pictures but I think they turned out great and want to show them off!!

Folding Table, Bookcases in Den and Bath 2

Master Bath and 2 pictures of Kitchen

Jack and Jill Bath, Mike's Vanity and Laundry Room

Last but not least, the hood.


Anonymous said...

All I can say it LOVE IT!!! the cabinets are beautiful. I love the bench in the shower. Good job Erin!! Liz

Matt and CK said...

so EXCITED! Mattie says 2 weeks and your in! SO AWESOME! Eli can't wait to come visit and color on your walls

Mike and Erin said...

Thanks Liz!!

CK, I already have plenty of extra paint to take care of that!!